Best Tiktok Tips and Tricks 2020

Best Tiktok Tips and Tricks 2020

Tiktok its growing popularity around the world due to its easy reach to viewers and a user-friendly interface. Anyone from a kid to a senior adult can use the app to create entertaining content easily. Despite the competition from similar apps, Tiktok is leading the charts with a major difference and is rivaling YouTube for creative content. If you have just opened an account on Tiktok and want to grow an audience and become a social media influencer, these tips and tricks will help you get started and manage your Tiktok account.

Use songs from other videos

Many songs trend on Tiktok for a period where the chances of getting more views on your video will highly increase. If you find a catchy song on someone’s video but do not know the name of the song, you can simply take the song from the video. To do so, tap on the disc-like icon on the video at the bottom right corner, and choose the option “use this sound” on the pop-up. It will instantly open the video recording of the app with the song in the background.

Change video language

If you want to personalize your experience on Tiktok with the language that you are comfortable with, you can go to your profile by clicking the “ME” button. Tap on the three dots and select Content Preferences. Here you will find the Add Language option. Simply choose the language that you want to see the content from and only have the videos that you want on your screen.

Hide liked videos

When another user visits your Tiktok profile, they can see the videos that you have liked. If you want to disable this access for others, go to the settings and tap of the Privacy and Safety button. Here you will find a tab “Who can view your liked videos.” You can set this to “Only me” and lock the access to your liked videos for everyone else. You can also learn how you can increase your tiktok likes in simple ways. It will help you become more popular on Tiktok so you can plan on becoming a social media influencer.

Remove unwanted videos

When you open an account on Tiktok and start uploading videos, they automatically get shared with the entire Tiktok community. Similarly, your homepage will have videos coming from creators from around the globe. If you want to restrict any type of content that you do not like, you can enable the restricted mode in the app. You will find the “Digital Wellbeing” option in the general settings on your profile. Turn on the Restricted Mode.

Manage your login

If you logged-in to your Tiktok account from someone else’s phone and forgot to logout, you can easily manage this problem by going to the My Account option in your profile by tapping “Me” and open the Security. Here you can check all the devices where you have logged in, and you can now easily log out from all the devices that you are not using.


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