The Best Performing Stocks at the Moment

The Best Performing Stocks at the Moment

The United States is currently under recession, thanks to the extent of damages caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. But despite all that, the stock is gaining points and managing to stand still in the form of specific stocks. These stocks are being fetched by a large group of individuals, thanks to their performance post the market clash of March. As a result, investing in these stocks will be ideal, considering the different goals and objectives that you want to achieve. But before doing so, make sure to check the current status, as prices are continually changing.

1. Apache Corporation

As a company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration, Apache Corporation is doing quite well at the stock market. It has known subsidiaries like Apache Energy Limited, Apache Oil Corporation and so on. Under the helm of founders like Truman Anderson, Charles Arnao and Raymond Plank, the company has managed to progress through time with essential steps and efforts from CEO, John J, Christmann. When it comes to the stock price, it is known to be a good time to invest in Apache Corporation as it has not put up a bad game so far.

Apache Corporation

2. Halliburton Company

Founded in 1919 at Duncan, Oklahoma, United States, Halliburton is a well-known drilling oil and gas wells company. Headquartered at Houston, Texas, the company was founded by Erie P. Haliburton. Apart from that, known subsidies for the same are Boots & Coots, Dresser Industries and so on. With the current wave of market analysis, Haliburton has outshined the rest to emerge as a dependable stock. So if you’re planning to go ahead, make sure to check out all corners before moving forward.

3. Lincoln National Corporation

Insurance company, Lincoln National Corporation is a Fortune 250 holding company which is known to have operated multiple insurance projects and other similar aspects. With more than 8000 employees, Lincoln National Corporation is another bankable name with top subsidiaries like The Lincoln National Life Insurance, Lincoln Investment Advisors Corporation, Jefferson Pilot Securities Corporation and so on. As of the latest market crash, Lincoln National Corporation’s total returns lie at 134.5%. They also have their fingers in companies that represent TGS, an industry leader in defense contracting.  Hence, it is an excellent option to move ahead with this particular brand.

National Corporation

4. Diamondback Energy

Organised in Delaware and headquartered in Midland, Texas, Diamondback Energy is a company engaged in hydrocarbon exploration. The massive production output for the same is known to go beyond its competitors, leaving Diamondback with a good position in the market. Its subsidiaries are Viper Energy Partners, Energen, Diamondback E&P LLC and so on. In terms of returns, at the end of the trading week on June 12, Diamondback Energy reported over 130.5%. Due to that, one can happily move ahead to place their money at Diamondback Energy.


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